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"CNOOC Guanlan," China's Premiere Offshore Wind Farm, Now Operational


On May 20th, China's first deep offshore floating wind turbine platform, "CNOOC Guanlan," successfully began operation. This major project was overseen by COOEC. This marks the first time that a deep offshore floating wind turbine platform in China directly supplies power to offshore oil and gas fields, indicating significant progress in the key technologies of China's deep offshore wind power industry.

"CNOOC Guanlan" is stationed in the waters 136 kilometers away from Wenchang, Hainan, anchored by nine chains and fixed in waters 120 meters deep. The green power it generates is fed into the offshore oil field group grid via a 5-kilometer-long dynamic undersea cable. Once operational, the platform's annual power output will reach 22 million kilowatt-hours, all of which will be used for the power supply of the oil field group. This setup can save nearly 10 million cubic meters of natural gas annually and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 22,000 tons.

To ensure the steady operation of the oil field group grid after wind power integration, the Wenchang oil field group has developed a new integrated power supply model, known as "Wind + Gas + Smart Grid." This model unifies the four fuel power stations of the oil field group with the "CNOOC Guanlan" wind turbine platform as a whole. With unified control and management of wind power and oil field electricity, proactive control and reactive response dual protections are formed, ensuring the safety and stability of the oil field microgrid. This advancement promotes the development of direct power supply technology from offshore wind power to marine oil and gas power grids and provides a "COOEC’s benchmark" for the energy management of deep offshore wind power.