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COOEC Completed Offshore Installation of "Guanlan"


On May 6, COOEC, the general contractor of China's first deep-sea floating wind power platform "Guanlan," completed all offshore construction and it is now ready for grid connection and power transmission. The platform will soon be put into operation.

The submarine cable of "Guanlan" is designed for a depth of 120 meters and features a dynamic compound cross-section. It includes three 35 kV cables with conductor cross-section of 70 sq mm, as well as three 12-core optical fibers.

Through innovative design, "Guanlan" has overcome challenges such as large floating body displacement in adverse deep-sea offshore environment, ensuring stable operation for 25 years in complex and harsh sea conditions.

The main vessel used for the offshore installation was "HYSY 286", a 3000-meter deepwater multi-purpose vessel owned by COOEC. It features a powerful vertical laying system. For the first time in China, the project successfully applied the technology of vertical cable laying to the construction of a floating wind power platform. With the aid of high-precision dynamic positioning technology and underwater robots for whole-process construction and monitoring, high-difficulty operations such as efficient submarine cable pulling in narrow space and long-distance underwater successive suspension were completed 2 days ahead of schedule.

“Guanlan” has an installed capacity of 7.25 MW, with an annual average electricity output of 22 million kWh after it is put into operation. This will save nearly 10 million cubic meters of fuel gas per year and meet the annual electricity demand of 30,000 people, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 22,000 tons.