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The Penguins Cylindrical FPSO Built by COOEC Arrives in Europe


It was learned on February 14 that after sailing more than 17,000 nautical miles in 68 days, the Penguins FPSO, the largest and most intelligent cylindrical FPSO in China constructed by COOEC, successfully arrived in the North Sea of Europe.

The FPSO was towed by a semi-submersible vessel to cross the South China Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Cape of Good Hope in Africa, and the entire Atlantic Ocean, setting a record for the longest towing distance by a semi-submersible vessel across the world.

Having an overall height of 118m and a total weight of about 32,000t, the Penguins FPSO is currently the heaviest one of its kind built in China. COOEC undertook the construction, integration and commissioning of the Penguins FPSO hull and topsides. During the construction, it introduced five technologies that have never been applied in China and achieved more than 20 process innovations, with the integration speed and precision reaching the world's advanced level.

It is reported that the remaining commissioning and installation of some underwater systems will be carried out after the Penguins FPSO arrives at the transit site in the North Sea of Europe. After it is put into production, it is estimated that the crude oil processing capacity will be 45,000 barrels per day and the gas processing capacity will be 120 million cubic feet per day, which can meet the annual demand for gas consumption of 3.3 million households.