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Post-snow Expedition - More Than 200 Staff of COOEC Sailed Away for Operations


On the morning of February 15, three buses were ready for departure at the gate of the Single Apartment in Bohai Oilfield after the heavy snow. More than 100 staff of COOEC were about to leave for the Bohai Bay after 14 days of quarantine.

Personnel registration, body temperature measurement and safety instruction were going on in a tense and orderly manner. It was the first time that a large number of staff sailed to the Bohai Sea after the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP). They would go to the Penglai 19-3 Block IV Project to carry out the lifting of platform modules.

In the past 14 days, the Company has set up a temporary party branch with respect to such staff who have been quarantined in the Single Apartment of the Bohai Oilfield. A dozen party members of the branch, under the leadership of the secretary of the party branch, coordinated and solved the various needs of the quarantined staff at the first time, effectively prevented and controlled the epidemic and stabilized the mood of all staff.

Also on February 15, all staff of "Offshore Oil 286" and "Offshore Oil 287" rushed from Shenzhen Port to the offshore construction site of Lingshui 17-2 and Liuhua 29-1 Projects.

As of February 17, 9 batches of more than 200 staff have successively sailed to the first line over the sea.

Picture 1: The Epidemic Prevention and Control Team Organized the Operation Personnel for Body Temperature Measurement and Registration Prior to Boarding

Picture 2: The Operation Personnel Were Boarding