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The Structure Installation of the Dangote Project, Nigeria Won the First Battle


Recently, while ensuring a good job in the epidemic prevention, the SPM offshore installation team in Dangote, Nigeria has successfully installed the P2 PLEM in place - the first PLEM (manifold terminal), thus winning the first battle in the Atlantic at the beginning of the New Year!

The waters off Nigeria are open and greatly affected by long waves, which is the acid test for the barge berthing and the lifting of structures. The project team made detailed deployment and careful arrangement, compactly arranged the construction steps, successfully and accurately positioned the P2 PLEM to meet the design requirements, and completed all the scheduled work, thus getting off to a good start in the New Year’s overseas battle.

After the completion of this task, the project team has immediately proceeded to the installation preparations of the next PLEM so as to strive to complete the installation of all the five PLEMs as soon as possible and create achievement again at the forefront of "The Belt and Road".

Picture: P2 PLEM Was Installed in Place