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Strictly preventing & controlling NCP epidemic, ensuring safe and stable operation!


At the very beginning of the Spring Festival, the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) epidemic outbroke. The Party Committee of COOEC Management and Operations Center attached great importance to the epidemic, took immediate actions, put the staff’s life and health first and strictly implemented various preventive and control measures to ensure safe and stable operation of various projects and win the particular battle.

Giving a swift response and first-level response from all staff

COOEC Management and Operations Center, following the unified deployment and requirements from the Party Committee of COOEC, organized the PMT of all domestic and oversea projects in construction to send notices to owners, indicating the impact of the epidemic on projects and reporting actively to the owners the countermeasures taken.

Strictly implemented shift work and emergency information reporting working system, and the shift leader and staff on-duty were on duty and post for 24h for disposing emergencies in time, so as to ensure safe and stable projects during the Spring Festival.

Implementing details and preventing epidemic seriously for all projects

#Lufeng and Bozhong 19-6 Projects# The PMT, on the basis of strictly implementing the Company’s epidemic prevention & control deployment and following the principle of “postponing the working time but not delaying the work”, established the rotation system, and staff not on-duty should work at home and attend telephone conferences, fulfilling availability on call as required.

The offshore staff of Bozhong 19-6 Project strictly observed the requirements for no changing shifts in special period, extended the offshore working time, actively learned and implemented the epidemic prevention & control measures and documents, serving for production and construction strenuously on the premise of ensuring the safety. Staff on-duty of Lufeng PMT made preparations orderly for subsequent resumption of work on the premise of ensuring the epidemic prevention & control work.

#Liuhua 16-2 Project# Detailed the PMT staff dynamic and post-holiday resumption plan, communicated with COOEC Construction Division Offshore Oil Engineering (Qing Dao) Co., Ltd. and collected gradually the post-holiday mobilization plan and staff information of all subcontractors, and strengthened the shift management for constructors on duty. The state of staff on-duty is steady presently. In consideration of the work requirements and epidemic management and control after resumption of work, prepared in advance the “Information Register for Resumption Staff of Liuhua Project in Epidemic Prevention & Control Period”, organized all construction contractors to make preparations and epidemic prevention & control for resumption of work in next two weeks in advance.

#Caofeidian 11-1 Project# The PMT communicated the requirements for epidemic prevention & control from CNOOC, COOEC and COOEC Management and Operations Center at the first time and set up the epidemic prevention & control work group immediately. In consideration that the main point for project prevention & control lies in the construction arrangement after returning to work of project staff and subsequent offshore construction arrangement, the PMT kept a close communication with COOEC Construction Division Offshore Oil Engineering (Qing Dao) Co., Ltd., COOEC Offshore Engineering Technology Services Branch and owners, took epidemic prevention & control as the primary work and scheduled and developed works jointly.

#Construction projects in the area connecting to port of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone# Organized the main responsible person of all participating units and established the “WeChat Group for Epidemic Prevention & Control at Tianjin Base”, to deliver at the first time the requirements of epidemic prevention & control document, communicate knowledge about epidemic prevention & control and arrange and deploy the epidemic prevention & control measures.

Prepared Epidemic Prevention & Control Plan for Construction Projects at Tianjin Base, issued it to all participating units and pasted it up at the entrance of plant site, and asked all participating units and staff for strict implementation. The PMT implemented access control mode for site areas, all staff should accept epidemic prevention & control information screening and pre-mobilization body temperature measurement before mobilization, and should depart with a departure permit after application for one project one discussion and agreement from the PMT. Moreover, the PMT kept a positive communication with relevant departments of Tianjin Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and Tianjin Municipal Transportation Commission to master the policy situation.

#Lingshui 17-2 Project# Formulated the Prevention & Control Scheme for New Coronavirus Pneumonia for Lingshui 17-2 Gas Field Development EPC Project, arranged specific persons for follow-up and statistics of project staff’s (the staff departing from Tianjin particularly) dynamics during the Spring Festival and formulated the shift table after Spring Festival to minimize the coronavirus’s transmission risks and guarantee project staff’s health.

The PMT assisted in coronavirus prevention & control work following the dependency administration principle. It set up the epidemic emergency work group on site, formulated the unified prevention & control standard, released epidemic early-warning regularly, and organized trainings about new coronavirus prevention & control knowledge to improve staff’s prevention & control awareness and skills. It developed pre-mobilization body temperature measurement strictly and built up insulation canopy on site to ensure effective measurement of infrared thermometer. It implemented grouping management, off-peak commuting and dinning in different areas system to reduce personnel gathering and coronavirus transmission probability.

#Zhejiang LNG receiving station Phase II Project# Organized remote joint video conference for project participating units for many times, established the epidemic follow-up and reporting WeChat group to follow up daily the epidemic feedback information of governments and all participating units and publish the epidemic reporting requirements and contact information; all participants reported abnormalities actively to fulfill mass prevention and mass control. Started to implement closed management for door posts on site and pre-mobilization body temperature measurement and registration as well as regular sterilization in key areas since January 31.

Carried out through survey for all participants, formulated information tracking table for staff born in Hubei Province and contacted personnel in epidemic area of Hubei Province, follow up the staff’s healthy state and measure and record their body temperature daily, and conducted medical observation at home for staff on-duty who has returned of the project.

#“Temporary” Party Branch, functioning importantly For ensuring the Company’s project production strenuously, 2 projects (Bozhong 19-6 and Well Area 4 of Penglai 19-3) required for operation after sailing during the Spring Festival. According to the Company’s requirements about epidemic prevention, all sailing personnel must accept 14-day closed medical observation intensively before operation after sailing. In consideration of the epidemic and also various subsequent difficulties and challenges, the Party Committee of COOEC Management and Operations Center set up a temporary party branch for epidemic prevention work, to complete primarily the epidemic prevention & control volunteer service work around coordination of sailing personnel’s hotel checking-in, epidemic emergency disposal and emergency on-duty, making contributions to ensuring the on-time project commissioning and absolutely safe offshore epidemic prevention.

Other domestic and overseas PMTs of the Company are also developing prevention & control work for NCP epidemic seriously in strict accordance with the Company’s deployment. CPC members charged ahead, preventing & controlling the first-line epidemic resolutely.