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Wang Dongjin, the Secretary of Party Leadership Group and Chairman of CNOOC, visited frontline staff of COOEC Tanggu Construction Base for greetings


The Spring Festival is coming. A few days of ago, Wang Dongjin, the Secretary of Party Leadership Group and Chairman of CNOOC, expressed his regards in the Bohai Sea area; he came to COOEC Tanggu Construction Base, visited the frontline staff for greetings, publicized CNOOC's spirit of work conference in 2020 and sent the New Year wishes to all cadre staff, senior comrades and their families of COOEC.

In the COOEC Tanggu Construction Base, 5 projects (including Bozhong 19-6 Gas Condensate Field Pilot Area Development Project) were under construction orderly and furiously. Wang Dongjin et al came to plant area, got a full understanding on the grass-roots party building, project production and operation, technical talent cultivation and safety quality in Tanggu Construction Base of COOEC Construction Division, and visited the frontline staff for greetings and sent them New Year wishes.

Bozhong 19-6 WHPA Module was ready for offshore installation. Wang Dongjin expressed very relief. He said that CNOOC would firmly implement and carry out the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions, greatly improve the oil and gas exploration and development in China, guarantee China's energy safety, firmly promote the "seven-year action plan" of increasing reserve and production, and he expressed his gratitude to all cadres and staff for their contributions! Wang Dongjin encouraged everyone to keep on fighting and make new performance again in the new year.

Photo I: Wang Dongjin visiting frontline staff

Photo II: Wang Dongjin is making speech on site

Photo III: Wang Dongjin is hearing reports