Overseas Business

Yamal Project

Yamal project, which is located in the extreme cold region of Yamal Peninsula in Russia and consists of three columns of LNG plant, owns an annual production capacity of 16.5 million tons LNG (about 22 billion m3 natural gas), and refers to one of the world's largest LNG plants. Its investment mainly comes from NOVATEK, TOTAL, PetroChina and China Silk Road Fund, and the general contractor is YAMGAZ (a joint venture formed by TECHNIP, JGC and Chiyoda).

COOEC totally undertakes 3 columns of contract package (36 modules in total) with the total weight of about 180,000 t and maximum module weighing about 6,500 t, including natural gas processing equipment, refrigerant processing, compressor, and liquefaction equipment (main), covering structure, pipeline, electrical instrument and communication, corrosion protection, machinery, outfitting, ventilation, heat insulation, pre-commissioning & commissioning, which refers to the first time of China to undertake the construction of the core process module of large LNG liquefaction plant.

The whole delivery of the project took 35 months, marking that "Made in China" enters into the international high-end oil and gas equipment market.