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Storage Tank Project of Tianjin LNG Substitutionary Project

From May 2016 to October 2018, the project is located in the Nanjiang Port Area of Tianjin Port, with the storage tank of 160,000 m3, diameter of 84 m (the largest in the same volume) and height of 52 m. It is the first fully self-designed and constructed LNG storage tank with the maximum diameter in China, which breaks the monopoly of foreign technology and fills the technology gap of China in this field. For this project, it is the first time to apply 9% Ni steel inner tank TT welding in large-scale LNG tank construction project, and realize the localization of 9% Ni steel (ultra low temperature-resistant steel), with the first pass yield of inner tank wall plate welding up to 99.19%. Besides, perlite settlement monitoring system was applied in the project for the first time in the world.

1.Full View of the Project

2.Full View of the Project

3.Pile Cap Construction

4.Before Air Jacking

5.Air Jacking Completed

6.Hydraulic Test