Domestic Business

Wenchang 9-2/9-3/10-3 Project

Wenchang 9-2/9-3/10-3 Project: refers to an EPC turnkey project. With innovative management mode adopted and centered on EPM and through optimized design, refined management and the implementation of new ideas, new technologies, new methods, and simplification, standardization, localization, it has successfully applied 15 new technologies,1 new material, 10 new processes, 14 standardized results, 27 localized results and 6 simplified results in module construction. It realized the localization of many equipment and facilities, including low-temperature high-pressure vessel, leg butt joint buffer, emergency steering gear and engine diesel, and filled the gap in relevant domestic fields. Besides, it is the first time in China to complete onshore commissioning of natural gas reciprocating compressor on the construction site, thus realizing “zero PUNCH” onshore and completion of offshore joint commissioning in 20 days.